Form 990

Form 990 Filing Checklist

Form 990 Filing Tips Preparation Checklist:

  • Determine whether you are eligible to file the Form 990-EZ for 2010
  • File a 990 unles recipts are <$200k and assets less than $500k
  • Organizations with <$50k of receipts can file the simpler 990-N
  • Identify the schedules that you need to complete
  • Identify the key internal stakeholders to involve to complete the form, including finance, program leaders, fundraisers, PR/government relations, and HR
  • Assign an internal leader to coordinate 990 preparation
  • Identify your related organizations and ODTKEs (officers, directors, trustees, key employees)
  • Determine your overseas and joint venture activities
  • Establish or modify internal systems to prepare for filing season

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