Innovative Strategies For Winning Tax Controversies, Business Structuring And Estate Planning

Do You Need Help With Past Due Taxes?

The IRS is rapidly increasing collection of past due taxes. New tax collectors, known as “Revenue Officers,” are being hired and trained with the sole purpose of getting as much money for the IRS as possible. Revenue Officers are trained to cunningly get you to reveal personal information so they can seize your bank account, execute on your wages and levy on your other assets. The IRS will pressure you to give them all of your assets even if it means sacrificing your spouse and children’s well-being.

Immediate Help and Protection against the IRS

The costliest mistake you can make is not immediately hiring an expert tax attorney to protect you from the IRS. Your tax attorney will stop the IRS collection tricks and the constant calls and pressure tactics. In addition, all of the skills and techniques for protecting you and your assets will be applied for your benefit.

You have Options!

Letting the IRS squeeze you of everything you own is not your only fate. Your tax lawyer can:

  • Stop Wage Executions
  • Get the IRS to allow Installment Payments
  • Present a Compromise of the taxes, interest and penalties
  • Protect you and your family’s assets.