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Power of Attorney for an Incompetent Person

by | Nov 6, 2005 | Uncategorized

===========Question: ===========1. If there are multiple names on checking accounts, bank statements, CD’s, etc. and one of those parties is not a functioning party, can the state take that part of their money if that party needed the state to take care of them?2. How can I get Power of Attorney and what is the criteria?

===========Reply: ===========A Power of Attorney can only be created by a person who is mentally competent. Nevertheless, since you indicated the accounts are in joint names, if each party has the right to withdraw funds without the signature of the other, you could withdraw the funds. Whether the State or some other party may make claims is a different issue. Therefore, if you withdraw the funds, place them into a separate accont in your own name so they are available if a dispute arises. You will probably need the help of a good lawyer.

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