Innovative Strategies For Winning Tax Controversies, Business Structuring And Estate Planning

Tax Planning, Audits And Tax Collection

IRS and New Jersey tax collections and tax audits are not one-sided. It is a negotiation process. You need help in negotiating and winning against state and IRS audits, bank levies, wage executions and collections.

Owe Money To The IRS Or The State Of New Jersey?

You need a tax lawyer to negotiate the debt. Lawyers, by training and personality, are usually much better and more comfortable at negotiating with the New Jersey Division of Taxation or the IRS. Stay away from the big TV advertising “tax debt collection” companies. Many of them have had problems over the years, and you can do better with your own tax lawyer.

Also, make sure your tax returns are all filed. If you are going to owe taxes for the current tax year, definitely file timely (usually by April 15) even if you cannot pay in full. Also, do not file without talking to a tax attorney. If you are married, you may need to file separately.

Received An IRS Audit Letter?

Revenue agents are trained IRS auditors. If you receive an audit notice, you are always better off having a tax attorney meet with the revenue agent. Is this audit of a business or personal tax return? Some personal matters are simpler, and you may be able to handle the audit yourself. Nevertheless, you should contact a tax attorney at Ronald J. Cappuccio, J.D., LL.M. (Tax), and have me review the matter before deciding whether to handle this by yourself.

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