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Surprise! The Tax Burden is Increasing

by | Feb 14, 2006 | Uncategorized

Surprise! The Tax Burden is Increasing

Citing the typical excuses such as rising costs in Medicaid and education which in turn led to higher spending levels and ultimately higher taxes, state taxpayer burdens rose more than 40 percent between 1994 and 2004.

According to just-released data from the Census Bureau, individual tax burdens jumped in some 43 states with residents of Hawaii shelling out the most per capita to their state government with an average of $3,050 per person.

According to the Census Bureau, the top states behind Hawaii were in order: Wyoming, Connecticut, Minnesota and Delaware. Alabama was at the bottom of the list.

Meanwhile the only state to witness a decline in its tax burden was Alaska with a scant 1-percent drop to $2,035 per resident.

Isn’t about time that taxpayers revolt to lower taxes so more of your hard-earned money can be spent as you see fit? Remember, the Boston Tea Party was over the British government’s 3% tax on tea.