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New Offer In Compromise Forms

by | Jul 25, 2009 | Alternative Minimum Tax, offer in compromise, OIC

New IRS Offer In Compromise Forms

The Internal Revenue Service has released a new version of Form 656-B, “Offer in Compromise Booklet,” and a revised Form 656, “Offer in Compromise.”

The new Form 656-B contains all of the forms and instructions necessary to file an offer in compromise. The revised Form 656 has been slimmed down to four pages and now only includes the four-page offer-in-compromise application. All of the worksheets, checklists and instructions previously found in Form 656 can now be found in Form 656-B. The availability of the two forms allows taxpayers and practitioners to access the offer-in-compromise application without printing or sorting through the offer booklet.

An offer in compromise is an agreement between a taxpayer and the IRS that resolves the taxpayer’s tax liability. Under certain circumstances, the IRS has the authority to settle federal tax liabilities by accepting less than full payment.

Simply filling out the form is not enough! Your tax attorney must prepare a detailed narrative explaining the reason for the OIC. If you have a question, call Ronald J. Capppuccio, J.D., LL.M. (Tax) at 856-665-2121