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The NFL needed a Tax lawyer to deal with Ray Rice

by | Sep 11, 2014 | NFL, Ray Rice, tax lawyer

Let’s review the facts: Ray Rice is a star NFL player. He is not a role model. He is not a minister. They pay him to be a “bruiser” and arguably a star attraction to the Baltimore Ravens. Rice clobbered his (now) wife in a domestic fight. The NFL kicked him out of the game. This hurt Rice, his wife (the victim?), his child and the Team.

The NFL argues they had to do it to clean up football. This is an example for children!

Well, maybe not. They banished Ray Rice. He is gone; disappeared. The Ravens are even offering refunds for Rice jerseys. The game will move on and he will disappear from the news. Not really much of a lesson. No discussions of the benefits of therapy, or the need for domestic violence education.

If the NFL instead had taken a tax lawyers approach, it might have been far more effective – better for the Ravens and better for the game. Instead of an “indefinite suspension,” the NFL should have simply punished Rice by forcing him to suit up for the season and sit at the end of the bench. TV stations and every newscaster around the world would show him being ostracized. Some stations might even put titles such as “suspended” every time they show him sitting forlornly.

They should have “taxed” his pay for those games and contributed to a domestic abuse charity in Baltimore.

The Ravens would get positive publicity and endless promotions. Rice would be humiliated and they would show this to the youth of the world. Finally, some good would come out of this by helping needy charities, providing education on domestic abuse, and ensure Rice’s daughter grows up with a father to be proud of – someone who did his punishment, went to therapy and, hopefully, changed for the better.

Yes, the NFL needs a good tax lawyer!