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Establishing an online business in the US

by | Nov 18, 2015 | corporate tax, international taxation, online business, start llc

Unlike many countries, you do not have to be a citizen of the United States, or a resident, in order to establish a business in the US. A non-US citizen and resident establish a business without having any kind of immigration visa or any special. That person will be treated the same as a resident and citizen of the US.

Also unlike many countries, the United States, is exactly what its name indicates: “states”. Each of the 50 states, and the District of Columbia have different laws and requirements for establishing a corporation, limited liability company, limited partnership or any of the various business entities. Also just because a business is established in one state does not mean that it is authorized to set up an office, warehouse or manufacturing plant in another state. For example if an online business were established in Delaware, and decided to have a warehouse employees in New York, you need to have that Delaware corporation or LLC authorized to do business in New York. This would require state corporate filings as well as tax returns and payments. Therefore, setting up the business in the US can be a little bit tricky because of different state laws.

Forming a business in the US does not require any additional service. Most smart business owners retain a good tax and business attorney to form the business in the appropriate jurisdiction. This assures that the business is set up for tax purposes as well as for state and federal law purposes. Although an individual is allowed to establish a business on their own, and some people attempt this by using either the state’s individual online websites or an on line service that promises cheap business establishment, in reality, it is a waste of money for most people.

At this point it is important for you to understand that setting up a business is not a commodity. You are not seeking documents, rather you are seeking advice. Determining the correct state where the business should be formed, the type of business entity, the tax treatment of the business entity, and the contracts and agreements with employees and independent contractors requires planning and thinking. It is not a matter of pressing a button on a word processor and printing out a document.

The only people that are trained and authorized to provide services for the tax and business law planning are tax and business lawyers. Even though other people such as accountants, financial planners and companies promising all kinds of benefits attempt to do this, they are not providing the real service that you need. The service is the thinking, the planning and designing the actual organization