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Sugar Tax Helps Beverage Companies!

by | Oct 31, 2016 | soda, soft drinks, sugar, Tax

The Internet is filled with reports from a recent article in the Journal of American Public Health showing that a sugar tax cuts consumption of sugar sweetened soda. This plays right into the hands of Bradford manufacturers! You are probably thinking I am crazy, but once again government does the wrong thing.

Sweetened sodas and diet sodas are sold for the same price. Nevertheless, diet sodas are much cheaper to manufacture than sodas with high fructose corn syrup and sodas with cane sugar. Therefore the tax on sweetened soft drinks increases the number of people drinking a diet soda, which is more profitable to the beverage industry, then naturally sugar sweetened soda and drinks.

So, governments by misusing taxes to force people to change behavior, have in fact increase the profit of beverage manufacturers and increase diet drinks rather than healthier all-natural sugar sweetened drinks. Obviously, the intake of the sugar sweetened drinks should be limited, but every study that is ever been done shows that diet sodas do not help people lose weight.

Let’s get government out of taxing things to force people to change behavior. Let’s just have taxes simply to collect the minimum money needed to run our government!

If you want to see the article in the Journal of American public health: