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IRS can Steal Your Passport – Let’s stop it!

by | Feb 6, 2017 | irs, irs tax collection, passport, travel

Prohibiting citizens from traveling abroad was the hallmark of many communist countries such as East Germany, the Soviet Union, Cuba, North Korea and China. Now, the US joins this dishonorable crowd by prohibiting travel by American citizens.

Specifically, Congress and the previous Obama administration passed a law authorizing the State Department to revoke a passport of an American citizen if $50,000 or more of taxes are due. The IRS has a public pronouncement on this:

The IRS claims that sometime in 2017 they are going to implement this draconian policy. We now have a new Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson. He can simply tell the IRS that he is not going to revoke anyone’s passport. President Trump can make an Executive Order prohibiting any regulations enforcing this misguided law. Finally, and more importantly, Congress should immediately repeal IRC § 7345 and prohibit any regulations.

Let’s be the Land of the Free!