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IRS Hires Collection Agencies -Watch out for Scammers

by | Apr 6, 2017 | irs, IRS calls, irs collection, irs tax collection

As a tax attorney, I get frequent calls and emails from people concerned about calls from the IRS.Almost all of these are scams and not real. The IRS post some information on this website about the scammers, but the scammers are too fast in changing their tactics for the IRS. Unfortunately the IRS is now making it easier for the scammers.

The IRS is now hired some collection agencies to try to collect money from taxpayers. Unfortunately, scammers are going to hop on this and many people are going to be fleeced out of their money. If anyone calls from the IRS, you should immediately get their name, telephone number and address. You should then contact your tax lawyer.

The IRS is hired for private debt collection agencies:
Pioneer credit
CBE group.

Here in New Jersey, Pioneer credit has been a leading debt collector for the Division of Taxation. Unfortunately, they have many Rules and our quick to try any kind of collection activity permitted by the Division of Taxation. I am sure that the IRS will give some powers to the collection agencies and a wise taxpayer will immediately seek assistance to fight their tactics.

If you owe money to the IRS, and you get contacted by the IRS, I suggest work on getting an installment agreement and do not provide any information over the phone except to a known IRS telephone number.