Finding Talented Employees

No matter what the state of the economy is currently in finding the right employees for your business takes planning and creativity. There are two often overlooked resources:

  1. Your current employees frequently know other potential workers
  2. Resumes of past applicants

Employees are good sources. Your current employees probably know many others in the community that want to switch careers and who just might fit in your company. Your employees will probably turn out to be excellent screeners because a bad recommendation will reflect poorly on them.

Candidates who Turned-down a job offer. Your files contain resumes of good people who may have turned-down your job offer for some other greener pasture. Why not call them and see if their interest in you compaqny can be renewed? Also, review your resume file. Someone who was less than a perfect fit for one job might be just right for your current opening, perhaps as part-time employee status.

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