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Tax And Estate Planning

  • Why should the government or anyone else direct what happens with your estate assets?
  • Why should a court, a stranger, or someone other than your choice make the medical and financial decisions for you if you become sick and incapacitated?
  • Why should anyone other than your spouse, life partner, or the one you choose make the decisions about your illness, hospital visits, your funeral and what happens to your estate?
  • Why can’t your pets be cared for appropriately?

I am Ronald J. Cappuccio, estate and tax lawyer, and I perform the estate and tax planning necessary to lower estate tax, gift tax, and state inheritance taxes. The articles on this site will help you understand the use of revocable and irrevocable trusts, living trusts, dynasty trusts and QTIP, QPRT and GRAT. Remember, the best method of asset protection is to prevent the IRS and government from having a claim on your estate!

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