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How Dedicated Are Your Employees?

Are your employees enthusiastic and committed about their work? Studies demonstrate that more than half of all employees admit to not even trying to do their best work. They are not committed to the job or the company.

The non-profit organization, the Conference Board prepared a study entitled Employee Engagement. The reports major conclusions are:

“Losing quality people hurts, and organizations that build effective processes into their talent management strategies cultivate environments that attract and develop talent, foster satisfaction, increase loyalty, improve productivity and drive bottom-line revenues. Our constantly changing business environment requires continually higher employee performance.”

The conclusions are:

  • In some companies most of the staff is not engaged in their work or loyal to their company;
  • The first supervisor has a major impact or work performance;
  • Employees that are not interested underperform and ruin customer relationships;
  • By increasing employee engagement, profits increase.

How can Businesses Improve Employee Motivation:

  • Reward positive attitudes and behavior;
  • Quickly get rid of the “I don’t care crowd.”
  • Watch out for groups or teams of negativity.
  • People who make their own decisions about work have a greater investment in the results.
  • Demonstrate that employees have an upward path.

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